Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance of Your Daessy Wheelchair Mounting System

Your DaeSSy wheelchair mount has been expertly designed and engineered to provide years of reliable use. However, in order to keep the Mount in prime condition it will be necessary for you to carry out simple cleaning and maintenance from time to time.

The device must be removed from the mount before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance.


If the DaeSSy Mount becomes dirty, clean with a damp cloth only. Do not use harsh substances or abrasives. The mount should be checked regularly (daily/weekly) for debris, food deposits etc and cleaned accordingly. If grime build-up is an issue, protect the bolt heads with Vaseline™ or similar.

Bolt tightness

Maintenance of DaeSSy mounting assemblies mainly involves checking the tightness of bolts from time to time (eg weekly, depending on usage), particularly those securing the Frame Clamp inner and outer pieces and swivel clamp. Do not overtighten pinch-clamps. These should only be tight enough to prevent easy rotation of the components with the device attached.


Some DaeSSy components are supplied with Vaseline™ as a lubricant (eg inside folding mechanisms and on locking pins). It may occasionally be necessary to re-lubricate some parts and Vaseline™ can again be used for this, or a ‘dry’ lubricant such as can be purchased with locks. It is not usually necessary to re-lubricate folding mechanisms unless they are subject to severe outdoor conditions. Lubrication of the hole for the stainless-steel tube in an Outer Piece is optional. This hole is not lubricated when supplied but after some use the tube may slide more easily if lubricated with a ’dry’ lock lubricant.


The DaeSSy Mounting System (provided the appropriate mount has been purchased) is designed to allow precise positioning for a mounted device, which should be done on initial set-up (see installation instructions). All the locking and clamping systems use bolts and allen keys and most mounts are not intended for frequent adjustment. If for some reason the mount has been repositioned or accidentally pushed out of position it may be necessary to make some re-adjustment.  The Articulating, Height-Adjustable and Positioner Mounts do of course have components designed for regular adjustment for positioning.

Pinch Clamps

A Pinch Clamp is used in a hole of a Daessy component and is designed to grip the stainless steel tubing. The Pinch Clamp does not normally damage the stainless steel tube unless over-tightened. However, if it is necessary to re-adjust the mount at any time the pinch clamps can easily be displaced once loosened. It is very important to take extreme care not to lose the pinch clamps.

The Pinch Clamps can sometimes create a vacuum against the tube. If they become too tight to remove the tubing you can try gentle taps on the component with a rubber/padded hammer to break the suction.

Swivel Clamps

A Swivel Clamp is used to connect components of the Frame Clamp Assembly. The bolts should be tightened alternately bit by bit, not in one go – this keeps the clamp in alignment. A Torque setting of 12Nm is recommended.  When used with a Frame Clamp Spacer the longer bolts (supplied with the spacer) will be required. 

Quick-Release System

The Quick-Release System is common to all DaeSSy Mount assemblies including those designed for desks or tables. The Quick-Release Base provides a receiver for attaching a device with appropriate DaeSSy holder/plate. Use of the ring-pull enables quick and secure attachment and removal. When the device is attached it is important to ensure that it ‘clicks’ into place (ie the pin on the QRB engages into the hole in the mounting plate) and to check that it is correctly attached before using the device. There is now a wide choice of styles for Quick-Release bases, including the original standard (large) face, the smaller face, also folding, adjustable or tilting designs.

Changing your Wheelchair

If in the future you change your wheelchair for a different model or make please contact us to discuss the most appropriate way to arrange mounting on the new chair. In some cases where the design of chair is very similar it may be possible to simply move the mounting across. If the shape, size or nature of the chair frame is different we do have frame clamps in various shapes (round, rectangular, square etc) and sizes as well as some designed to attach to specific wheelchairs.  If the positioning is slightly different we also have a range of tubing lengths and components to offset the tubing from the frame clamp. We will do our utmost to help you relocate your mount at minimal additional cost replacing only those components necessary rather than the entire mount. There will however be situations where the most appropriate solution is to purchase a new mounting system. 

Attachment to a second chair

If you use more than one wheelchair on a regular basis we will try to help you to arrange suitable fittings onto the extra chairs. In some cases this means purchase only of additional frame clamps (which remain attached to the other chair to enable easy transfer of the tubing system). If the two chairs are very different it may not be possible to transfer the mount and the most appropriate solution could be to purchase a second full system.

Changing your AAC Device

The DaeSSy mounting system can be used with most of the AAC Devices currently on the market (and many older designs). If you change your device it should only be necessary to purchase a new mounting plate/holder which has been specifically designed for that device and is compatible with the DaeSSy Quick-Release base, as before.
If your new device is very different, for example includes Eyegaze technology, you may need to purchase additional or replacement components eg different tube lengths to achieve optimum positioning.


Daessy Mounts supplied by us are warranted against defective materials or workmanship for a period of 2 years from date of supply. 

Daessy mounts supplied and fitted by us are warranted against defective materials or workmanship for a period of 5 years from date of fitting.  

This is a standard limited manufacturer’s warranty for the Daessy Mounting System only under normal use and does not cover misuse. It does not affect your statutory rights.