Frequently asked questions

1. Will Daessy Mounts fit any wheelchair?  

Daessy mounts can be fitted to most wheelchairs. We have a wide range of clamps in different sizes and shapes to fit most wheelchair makes & models. Because of their design there can be limitations with some wheelchairs on which style of mount is suitable. If you let us know the make and model of your wheelchair we can advise you appropriately.
Unfortunately there are some wheelchairs that it is just not possible to attach a mount to, sometimes for safety reasons. If we consider the wheelchair to be unsuitable we will always say so. Safety is a priority.

2. What if I have a wheelchair that is not suitable for any mount to be attached?

In these cases we can offer a floor standing mount (rolling mount), where the chair can go right up to the mount. Or possibly a deskmount may be an option.

3. Can we attach a mount onto a walking frame or standing frame?

In most cases we would not recommend this in view of safety issues. It might be possible with some larger and heavier frames. If you are thinking about a mount in these situations please contact us so we can talk through in detail with you.

4. Do you come out and do assessments before we order a mounting system?

This is not something we do as a general rule.  We have experience of mounting onto many wheelchair makes & models and with digital photographs by email we can usually address any specific situation. If we did come out to do an assessment there would be a charge in line with our fitting fee.

5. We have an old mount, now we have a new wheelchair and new communication aid. Do we have to buy a new mount?  

You may not need a new mount but you will need a mounting plate on the back of the new device (it may be supplied with one). Depending on the styles of the old & new wheelchairs you may not need to buy a full replacement mount, it may be possible to just replace some of the components particularly the frame clamp. Email us with a photograph and details of the new wheelchair and send us photographs of the mounting components you have. We can then advise you on how to proceed.

6. We have lost some parts of our mount, do we need to buy a new one?

Probably not. All parts of our mounts can be purchased separately. If you are unsure about what you need please send us a photograph of the parts you still have and we can tell you what new components you will need.

In most cases we can also supply replacements for lost screws/bolts/pinch clamps/swivel clamps etc so it may not be necessary to buy a full replacement component.

7. I work in an assessment centre. Do you come out to do training and is there a charge?

We are happy to come out and do a training session for an assessment centre or similar organisation. There is no charge for this (unless overnight accommodation is required in which case we may ask for a contribution to those costs). We prefer to do a training session for a small group of 5-10 people.

8. We need to assess lots of clients and recommend mounting equipment. Do you supply an assessment kit so we can try different mounts with our clients?

Yes, assessment kits are not shown on our website but we can put together a kit with different mounts and extra frame clamps, tubes etc. Some assessment centres supply the clients from the kit and order replacement components from us to restock. If you are interested in a kit please contact us and we can put together a quotation for what will best suit your needs.