About Us

The Daessy Mounting System is well-proven world-wide and is considered by many to be the most versatile, comprehensive and robust mounting system available. It is important to us that the mounting system we supply is the most appropriate for your specific requirements and we pride ourselves on our ‘bespoke’ service. With many different styles of mount and clamps to fit most wheelchairs you can be assured that a Daessy Mount can position your device where you need it. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

In 1986 Daedalus Technologies Inc of Richmond, BC, Canada (who were at that time manufacturing specialist scientific equipment) first designed and manufactured a wheelchair mounting system for a communication aid in response to a direct request. From that point they became aware of the wider need for such mounting systems and began developing designs, components and options until this work displaced the scientific side of the company.

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Ian discussing production at Daessy HQ

By 1991 the range of mounts and components had expanded and was marketed under the trademark name Daessy (acronym of DAEdalus Support SYstem). From that point Daessy Mounts were successfully marketed and supplied into North America and beyond.

During late 1995, Daedalus Technologies were looking to expand their supplies in the UK and Europe and following one of those chance encounters at the right time a new company was set up in the UK in 1996 specifically to market and distribute the Daessy Mounts throughout Europe. This was Daedalus Technologies UK. As time moved on, the product range expanded and sales became established, this company became Techcess Ltd also supplying some Communication Aids and accessories.  In 2006 the decision was taken to establish a new company to concentrate on wheelchair mounts and so Mounts & More was born.  Techcess moved to new ownership.

Mounts and More demo area


Ian and Margaret who originally established Daedalus Technologies UK are still at the helm of Mounts & More. Ian’s expertise and technical knowledge is second-to-none and over the years he has probably now fitted more mounts than any other single person. As a company we have built up extensive knowledge of the combinations of wheelchair+mount+device and our aim is always to supply the mounting in a configuration tailored to each individual in order to position the device precisely where needed.

Ducks visiting the office!


Over the years we have changed address a few times as the company has evolved but we have remained within 7 miles of where we started and have been based at Willow Park, Stoke Golding for over 15 years now. We enjoy our rural location with the occasional visit from local livestock!

One bonus is being located very close to where the Battle of Bosworth Field took place in 1485, although as this saw the death of Richard III (and we are Yorkshire folk) this is somewhat bitter-sweet. Richard’s motto "Loyaulte Me Lie", loyalty binds me, may not have mattered much to those who were supposed to fight on Richard’s side, but it matters to us in providing you with the best service we possibly can.

Our new website offers you the opportunity to purchase certain items online. If you have any doubt at all about the parts you require or just need confirmation prior to purchase, please do contact us. It is much more straight-forward to adjust an order or change options before supply!