The catalogue of Switch Mounts provides options for mounting switches onto wheelchairs, with a range of functionality and features.

From the basic Flexi-Arm using a flexible tube to 'bend' into position for light switch use to the Daessy Lite Mount, a lightweight yet strong mounting system using multiple joints to achieve the positioning you want. The Articulating Lite Mount utilises ball joints and optional handles for enhanced adjustability while the Indexing Lite Mount has 'toothed' joints for extra force resistance.

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3-Length Articulating LiteMount for Switches
LM-A/SW: Supplied with quickly and easily adjustable ball joints (with optional handles) and eith..
Ex VAT: £270.00
3-Length Indexing LiteMount for Switches
LM-I/SW: A 3-Length Indexing LiteMount with either BuddyButton or JellyBean switch end fitting, t..
Ex VAT: £280.00
Double Head Switch LiteMount
LM-DHS: Daessy LiteMount components can be used to create a double head switch mount. This mount ..
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Flexi Arm
SFA: A lightweight, adjustable switch mount with end fittings available for Buddy Button or Jelly..
Ex VAT: £200.00
Variable Friction Arm with Releasable Clamp
VF/RC: Small, adjustable mount for lightweight devices such as switches or compact cameras. ..
Ex VAT: £250.00
Variable Friction Arm with Super Clamp
VF/SC: Small, adjustable mount for lightweight devices such as switches, small tablets or compact..
Ex VAT: £160.00