The primary catalogue of Daessy mounts for attaching devices to wheelchairs.

The Standard range of Daessy Mounts (Rigid, Side-Folding, Positioner etc.) is suitable for communication devices and laptops up to 8kg in weight* and for eyegaze, or when a more robust mount is appropriate.
*Although the Daessy wheelchair mount may be able to support an 8kg device, the wheelchair to which it is being attached may not.  Please consult your wheelchair supplier for advice.

The M-Series range is built on the success of the Standard Series but using a smaller diameter tube allowed the components to be made significantly smaller and lighter. It is designed for mid-sized devices weighing up to 4kg.

The Lite Mount range was designed as a successor to the Daessy Stem System and is suitable for smaller devices weighing under 2kg, such as iPads, cameras and switches.

Individual Components for mounts (including device Holder Plates) can be found in the Components section.