M-Series Mounts for Mid-Size Devices

M-Series Mounts for Mid-Size Devices

Based on and built to the same high standards as the highly successful Standard Series Daessy Mounting System, the M-Series Mounts feature a smaller diameter tube and smaller components. This creates a significantly sleeker and lighter mounting system suitable for mid-range devices up to 4kg in weight.

All M-Series mounts are supplied with locking clamp assemblies, making them especially suitable for use with Tilt in Space wheelchairs and/or users with uncontrolled movement.

While many M-Series components are slimmer versions of Standard components, these mounts still attach to standard Daessy frame clamp assemblies. M-Series Quick Release Bases are fully compatible with all Daessy device holder plates.

Most M-Series mounts have an MQR75 factored into the base price as the default Quick Release Base unless a different option is specified.

M-Series (L) vs Standard Series (R)

Size and Weight Difference

To illustrate the size difference between M-Series and Standard Series Mounts, the image to the right shows the Side Folding Joint from both systems. In addition to the size difference the M-Series component weighs 522g compared to 943g for the Standard Series component, highlighting the reduced weight for M-Series mounts.

Individual components, including Holder Plates to attach devices to the mounts, can be found in the Components section.

Please click on the individual mounts below to see full information for each.

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Coloured M-Series Side Folding Mount
B/M75-FM-C: We have very limited copies of the M-Series Side Folding Mount available in a selecti..
£720.00 £702.00
Ex VAT: £585.00
M-Series Push-Pull Mount
M75-PPM: The Push-Pull Mount is designed to give flexibility and independence to users who can mo..
Ex VAT: £555.00
M-Series Bent Pole Mount
M75-RTM: A basic and cost effective one-piece mount, the M-Series Bent Pole Mount is available wi..
Ex VAT: £280.00
M-Series Rigid Mount
M75-RM: This 2-piece version of the Rigid Mount is supplied with the upright tube in S bent tube&..
Ex VAT: £365.00
M-Series Side Folding Mount
M75-FM: A lightweight version of the highly popular standard series Locking Side Folding Mount. T..
Ex VAT: £555.00
M-Series Adjustable Mount
M75-AM: A highly adjustable mount with adjustable joints and height adjustment, based on the larg..
Ex VAT: £580.00
2 Length M-Series Adjustable Connector Mount
M75-ACM-2: This new mount uses Daessy Adjustable Tube Connectors (ATC75/75), an updated version o..
Ex VAT: £520.00
3 Length M-Series Adjustable Connector Mount
M75-ACM-3: This new mount uses Daessy Adjustable Tube Connectors (ATC75/75), an updated version o..
Ex VAT: £625.00
Black M-Series Side Folding Mount
B/M75-FM: This new version of the M75-FM features black tubes for a discreet all-black appearance..
Ex VAT: £570.00