Standard Series Mounts

Standard Series Mounts

The Daessy Mounting System is a modular system supplied in a range of styles to suit specific user / mounting requirements. The Standard range of mounts is suitable for devices weighing up to 8kg.*

* Although the Daessy wheelchair mount may be able to support an 8kg device, the wheelchair to which it is being attached may not.  Please consult your wheelchair supplier for advice.

Standard configurations range from the basic Bent Pole Rigid Mount, fixed in a single position, to the highly adjustable Positioner Mount which utilises height adjustment and articulating / rotating ball joints to adjust the mount into the position required. The versatile and popular Side Folding Mount can be folded down to the side of the wheelchair when not in use, and when removed is a compact unit for storage and transport.

All Standard Series mounts have a TUSB factored into the base price as the default Quick Release Base unless a different option is specified.

Individual components, including Holder Plates to attach devices to the mounts, can be found in the Components section.