Coloured M-Series Side Folding Mount

Coloured M-Series Side Folding Mount
Coloured M-Series Side Folding Mount Coloured M-Series Side Folding Mount Coloured M-Series Side Folding Mount Coloured M-Series Side Folding Mount
Product Code: B/M75-FM-C
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We have very limited copies of the M-Series Side Folding Mount available in a selection of colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink

An M-Series Quick-release Base (MQR75) and 1" Round Frame Clamp Inner (UFC1000IP) is included with each mount in the matching colour, along with the side folding joint and all frame clamp assembly components (FOP/RFCR and O3L). The tubes for each mount are in black and can be supplied to your required length. It would be possible to supply these mounts with our full range of frame clamps but an alternate clamp would not be in the same matched colour. Please contact us if interested or to discuss options.

This mount is a lightweight version of the highly popular standard series Locking Side Folding Mount. The mount can be folded down to the side of the wheelchair when not in use or when removed from the clamp assembly making it more compact for transport or storage.

As with all M-Series mounts the Frame Clamp is supplied with locking mechanism as standard.

M-Series Side Folding mechanism in action.
FOP/RFCR: M-Series Locking Clamp Assembly.


  • Same design as the standard Locking Side-Folding Mount (DTSFM).
  • Folds from in front of the user, down to the side of the wheelchair.
  • Quickly removable.
  • Suitable for most standard wheelchairs.
  • Fits either side of the wheelchair.
  • Locking mechanism makes it suitable for chairs with tilting seat systems.
  • Available with coloured M-Series Quick Release Base.
  • Supplied with coloured UFC1000IP Frame Clamp Inner Piece to fit 1" round frame (or 7/8" with sleeves).
  • Different lengths of vertical and horizontal tube available if required.
  • Suitable for devices up to 4kg.


  • 1x Frame Clamp Inner Piece (UFC1000IP with sleeves to fit 1" or 7/8" round frame) - coloured
  • 1x Offset Link (O3L) - coloured
  • 1x Frame Clamp Receiver (RFCR) - coloured
  • 1x Frame Clamp Insert (M75FOP) - coloured
  • 1x Upright S-Bent Tube (B/M75S24-3 as standard) - black
  • 1x Side Folding Mechanism (M75FJ) - coloured
  • 1x Horizontal Straight Tube (B/M75STR16 as standard) - black
  • 1x Quick Release Base (MQR75) - coloured

Wheelchair Information and Custom Requirements

We ask for details of the Wheelchair the mount is intended to be used with in order to ensure that the supplied Frame Clamp is correct for that chair.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss custom requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.